Carpet and Rugs

ADC’s approach to carpet maintenance means prolonging the life of your assets, limiting your impact on the environment and valuing your employees and

A well-planned programmed approach to carpet maintenance can extend the life of the carpet, be safe for the user, the carpet and the environment.
The methods that we utilize in our maintenance programs are based on scientifically proven interim maintenance using low-moisture encapsulation technology and cylindrical brush pile-lifting agitation.  Through these methods you extend the life of your carpet and achieve better indoor air
quality.  This results in a safer work environment overall.
There’s more to clean than meets the eye, so ADC’s maintenance starts at the smallest level and focuses on every facet of commercial carpet cleaning.
Our clients have facilities that look and feel clean because they are clean. They are kept clean thanks to our proprietary and non-toxic cleaning agents.
When your space looks cleaner, everyone notices.  Many people feel they breathe better and that it is easier to focus on work.  ADC can help keep that feeling going by ensuring that every square foot of your facility is kept clean – From Top To Bottom.